Laws Concerning Carrying Concealed Firearms on Campus in Virginia


In 2011, the Virginia Supreme Court ruled that public institutions can create regulations that are tailored to restrict weapons carry by visitors, including by concealed carry permit holders, only in those places where people congregate and are most vulnerable, but must still allow gun possession on the open grounds of campus.  Accordingly, the Board of Visitors at each public college and university has the authority to regulate or ban concealed weapons carry by visitors on campus, excluding open grounds. Public schools retain the authority to regulate or ban concealed weapons throughout the entire campus by faculty, staff, and students. Private schools have the authority to regulate or ban concealed weapons throughout the entire campus.

Schools in Virginia that Allow Concealed Guns on Campus

College Town Type
Liberty University  Lynchburg 4-year (private)

Disclaimer: Policies are subject to change at any time, both during and between school years. In addition, individual school policies commonly include more details than can be succinctly captured by Each school should be consulted for its most accurate, up-to-date policy.

Updated:  June 24, 2022