Laws Concerning Carrying Concealed Firearms on Campus in Idaho

On March 12, 2014, Gov. Butch Otter signed SB 1254 into law.

Effective July 1, 2014, individuals who possess an “enhanced” carry permit may carry weapons on Idaho’s 8 public colleges and universities. Concealed and openly carried firearms are prohibited in dorms and buildings and functions housing more than 1,000 individuals. To obtain an “enhanced” carry permit, and individual must complete one of 6 sanctioned training courses and live fire of at least 98 rounds.

College Town Type (4 year, 2 year, private)
Boise State University Boise 4 year
Idaho State University 4 year
Lewis-Clark State College 4 year
University of Idaho 4 year
Eastern Idaho Technical College 2 year
North Idaho College 2 year
College of Southern Idaho 2 year
College of Western Idaho 2 year


SEE:  Office of the Idaho Attorney General – Concealed Weapons License FAQs

Disclaimer: Policies are subject to change at any time, both during and between school years. In addition, individual school policies commonly include more details than can be succinctly captured by Each school should be consulted for its most accurate, up-to-date policy.